Porton Technology brings to market the leading-edge technology of Porton Capital Ltd's (PCL) portfolio companies

Porton Capital Limited (PCL) is a financial management company specialising in the offshore mutual fund sector and development capital for technology commercialisation ventures.

The companies that PCL invests in have commercialised technology that will enhance various aspects of our life, and therefore have numerous applications in a variety of sectors worldwide.

Porton Technology brings these companies to the marketplace from the initial introduction to training programmes on safe and effective use of the technology.

Currently, we represent:

ThruVision - ThruVision Ltd is developing a range of compact security screening products for imaging concealed contraband and threat objects on personnel. This could spell a safer future for air travelers.

Porton Plasma Innovations (P2i) - Can coat an array of objects to become liquid repellent, blood compatible, anti-microbial, lubricated or a conducting polymer. This has various applications for pharmaceuticals, fashion and engineering to name a few.

Smart Holograms - The technology comprises "sensor holograms" that can be engineered to change colour, image, brightness or position in response to a specific stimuli, e.g. a disease biomarker or temperature. It will be used is to detect glucose levels in diabetics in a non-invasive way; alcohol on the breath; and microbial contamination in the home, clinical and military sectors.

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